From Seed to Market

Oysters grow best in waters of moderate temperature and salinity with abundant plankton for food.  This description best fits Cherrystone Creek, located in the Lower Bay Eastern Shore region of the Chesapeake Bay.  Ruby Salts’ proximity to the Atlantic provide boasts a salinity of 18-22, compared to the ocean salinity of 32-35.

Step 1:  The Seed

Because the seed is so small when received from the hatchery, it is placed in an upweller.  These are silos that are pumped continually with water… the baby oysters’ constant supply of fresh food.

Step 2:  Overboard

Once large enough, the oysters will be sorted into bags and placed on racks where they remain off the bottom and out of the mud; protected from predators.

Step 3:  TLC

From here on, it takes diligent efforts to maximize water circulation and minimize overcrowding.  This is done with continuous efforts to prevent bio-fouling and maintain proper densities.  Give an oyster the space and water flow that it needs and Mother Nature takes care of the rest.  The result is a clean, crisp, happy, and healthy saltwater gem.


Step 4: Harvest

Density and weight are prime indicators of quality.  Our oysters are hand selected for size, shape, and heft; only the best make it to market and wear the name Ruby Salts.